Quilting as an Art Form

    Although many people don’t view quilting as an art form but will split testing tools for ab testing, there are plenty of other people around the world who would disagree with that view point. Quilting is not just for the purpose of keeping us warm while we are sleeping or watching a movie on the couch. It is also used in many homes as artwork that can be hung up on the walls or ceilings. If you can appreciate a painting as a piece of art, then you can appreciate a quilt as a piece of art. This is especially true is the quilter has taken the view point of quilting being an art form. Sure, there are plenty of normal looking quilts that are sold just for their more classical purpose, but there are also people out there that see beauty in the quilts they buy. These quilts are not used on couches or beds at all. They are instead used to help bring life to the room and shown in their entire glory, spread out on a wall. It takes a combination of skill, patience, and creativity to create quality pieces of art in the form of quilts. Without the ability to sew, the tenacity to keep going even when your hands hurt, and the creativity to come up with a unique design, there would be no reason to even attempt to create some quilt art. If quilting is something that you view as an art form, then do not hold back on your beliefs. You can easily make your own quilts at home or get some quilts made by others to hang up in your house and show off to your friends.